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Downloadable Lesson Plans and PowerPoint

Bartleby - a site with every possible reference for poetry, literature, quotes, and reference

Beginning Teacher's Toolbox

Big Dog's Grammar - the bone dry bare essentials

Fun poems about the English Language

Grammar Bytes - definitions, rules, tips, exercises, and handouts

Grammar Monster - definitions and lessons for grammar

Guide to Grammar & Writing - grammar plus writing helps

Homonyn jokes - these could be used for a break or bellringers

Lesson Plans for all subjects

Lesson Plans Sites for Educators

Outta Ray's Head- Lit Lessons, including Fahrenheit 451 - great way to create puzzles for vocab lists

Sites for Educators-lots of lesson plan site links

Teacher Movie - grab a hankie...

Web English Teacher - Grammar, Lit, Drama, Yearbook, tons of other stuff, and fun with words